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The Eidolon World is dedicated to my 3D computer graphics work. You'll find images, comments, links, and whatever else I find relating to computer graphics that is interesting or useful.

Currently all images here are originals created by me, unless I've noted otherwise. If you find that you would like to use an image for any reason, please e-mail me for permission. I will most likely grant free usage to people who ask. As an added incentive, I could be persuaded to send you copy of the image in a lossless format and/or at a higher resolution. (providing they are available). The reason that I request you to ask for permission is not because I want to control who uses my images, but because I just want to know what people are using my images for.


5 Jan 1998:
I am testing out a new JavaScript routine on this site. It may improve the speed in which some of the graphics are download. Let me know if there are any problems, or if the download time seems faster.

15 Dec 1998:
Added this year's Christmas scene to the pictures page. Enjoy!

2 Dec 1998:
I've added a new image to the pictures page. It, however, is not a 3D rendering but a computer enhanced photo. Enjoy!

The Eidolon World?

Recently a friend asked me what this meant. He didn't think my explanation here was sufficient. So without further ado here's a new description.

An eidolon is an image that doesn't exist. A hallucination could be considiered an eidolon, as you think you see something but it doesn't really exist. World in this case is a place of existance. An Eidolon World is an image of a world, but the image doesn't really exist. It's an allusion to the imagination, which provides a world that each of us can see, but that world and it's image doesn't really exist. Now how does this relate to 3D graphics? Well, the images are my way of bringing my Eidolon World into the real world, though my skill (or lack thereof) can sometimes hamper my efforts.

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