SpiridiEngine┬áis the XNA library I wrote and use for Ludum Dare games. It started as a Javascript library, evolved into a Python library, then evolved into a C# library (I may post about that evolution some day). Ludum Dare requires that you declare your starting code and personal libraries, so I slapped a GPL license on the thing, found someplace to shove a .zip, and posted it during December 2012’s compo. Rather than keep doing that every Ludum Dare, I created a public Bitbucket repo since I was already maintaining it in Mercurial.

It’s far from complete, right now it pretty much just supports some sprites and simple tile maps. It’s not really meant to be used by anyone (yet), but more to show what I’m starting with and how it evolves over time. Obviously the license I chose means you can use it if you want, in fact you’re welcome to use it or use parts of it provided the license is compatible with your code. But that’s actually not new, since you can find a GPL’d version of it by trolling through Ludum Dare posts.

I’m not quite yet prepared to support it, so it’s currently use at your own risk. While that may not seem like a great way to start an open source project, it is somewhat in the spirit of the original idea of open source – the source for the software you use is available and you can make changes and share those changes if you want.

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