Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is a game creating community centered around a 48 hour game creation competition. Read the link for more details. This is my page centered around Ludum Dare.


These are the games that I’ve successfully completed for Ludum Dare.
Evil Lair Command


Theses are some of the tools I’ve used for Ludum Dare.

  • GIMP for image and sprite editing.
  • autotracker-bu procedurally generates 8-bit sounding music.
  • Notepad++ for general text editing and sometimes code editing.
  • Pygame2exe for converting Python/Pygame games to Windows executables.

Additional Resources

These are some of the tools I’ve played with or think are useful but haven’t actually used in a Ludum Dare yet.

  • Otomata an interesting procedural ambiance music generator.
  • OpenMPT is a mod tracker useful for editing or creating MP3s from the songs generated by autotracker-bu.