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T-Pod (Requires Silverlight)

About T-Pod

T-Pod is a simple space shooter where you defend a planet from advancing aliens.

T-Pod was written for the 23rd Ludum Dare in April of 2012. This was also Ludum Dare’s 10 year anniversary. The theme for the 48 hour event was Tiny World. Various ideas flowed, centering on simple gameplay in order to match developer skill and tools. Most ideas centered around a tiny planet and ultimately a planet defense game came to be.

T-Pod stands for Tiny-Planet Orbital Defender, and is also the name of the class of ship that defends Tiny Planet. If you look closely at the alien saucers, you will see the size of the aliens in them – their heads nearly fills the saucer bubble. They are not huge aliens, the planet is, in fact, tiny.

T-Pod was originally written in Python and Pygame as an experiment in an unfamiliar language. It was later ported to C# and Silversprite (an XNA compatibility layer for Silverlight) as an exercise in porting and to get a web-enabled version. It’s currently going through more porting as part of further experiments, with a Windows XNA build currently completed.

See the Ludum Dare entry, with comments from peers, here.